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Facilitation and co-creation

Tupu Creative specializes in coaching facilitation skills and facilitating workshops for companies and organizations. Facilitation is a critical skill for knowledge-working teams and professionals.

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Facilitation and co-creation

Facilitation makes meetings, workshops, and seminars more effective and ensures that everyone’s voices are heard. With the help of an external facilitator, you can reach your goal faster and with better results.

Tupu Creative designs and facilitates board meetings, network gatherings, and series of co-creation workshops. We can work in live, remote, and hybrid environments.

The facilitation approach is always based on the goal, desired outcomes, and the specific needs of the participants. A professional facilitator chooses the facilitation methods that are best suited for reaching the goal. 


The coaching sessions are built around short lectures, interactive group discussions, and experimenting with facilitation methods. Between the sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to put their facilitation skills into practice. 

By the end of the coaching process, the participants will:

  • understand the basic principles of facilitation
  • know how to apply the principles in their own work
  • promote changes in working methods grounded in participatory approaches.

The coaching process can be tailored for individual professionals, small groups, or larger teams. The process consists of 2-5 coaching sessions.

Learning Group

Learn together with your team. 

Facilitation as a skill for forward-looking teams is an online course combined with facilitated learning group meetings. It is tailored for 6-10 participants, and the duration of the course is three weeks.

After this course the participants will be able to

  • apply facilitation methods to improve collaboration with their team
  • recognize how to improve team meetings with proper facilitation
  • inspire everyone to facilitate meetings.

The course is co-created in collaboration with MinnaLearn.

Tuomas Tirkkonen

Facilitator, Coach, Co-Creation Specialist

Tuomas Tirkkonen is the founder of Tupu Creative. Their goal is to support creative collaboration in companies and organizations.

Tuomas has been guiding creative collaboration processes and workshops for over a decade. They are specialized in experiential and dialogue-based methods both in live and hybrid environments.

Educational background: Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Culture and Arts

+358 40 705 6472

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